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14 to 15 Sep, 2022

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Theater Casino Zug

CV Summit 2022 showcased the productivity and the utility of blockchain tech while welcoming leading global entities entering the space, such as Google and Visa. Over 900 in-person delegates attended the flagship event. As blockchain has moved from hype to real-world implementation, we showcased the utility of blockchain on stage, including topics such as CBDCs, African use cases, the Metaverse, and more.

14th September 2022
CV Summit 2022 - Day 1
15th September 2022
CV Summit 2022 - Day 2
Adrian Fritz

Research Associate, 21 Shares

Alain Kunz

Director of Business Development, GSR

Alexandre Kech

Director, Blockchain and Digital Asset, Citi Ventures

Andrea Abrams

Founder and Chief Metaverse Officer at PHYGICODE, Chief of Strategy at Faith Tribe DAO

Bertrand Perez

CEO, Web3 Foundation

Daniël Rood

Head of Web3, EMEA at Google Cloud

Dr. Dirk Klee

CEO, Bitcoin Suisse AG

Dr. Gökçe Phillips

CEO, CryptoIndexSeries

Jason Cao

COO, CertiK

Julien Donnet

Product Manager, Citi Ventures

Klaus Steinkamp

Sales Leader, Visa

Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr

Editor in Chief, Cointelegraph

Michael Holdmann

Founder and CEO, PraSaga

Oliver Sigrist

Adviser, BIS

Salama Belghali

Founder & President of Women in Web3 Switzerland

Stephanie Hurry

Head of Institutional Sales at Crypto Finance

Teana Baker-Taylor

VP, Policy & Regulatory Strategy, Circle

Yosuke Yoshida

Co-CEO, Emurgo Africa

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