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Established Nov 2017

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Crypto Valley, Zug

CV Summit is a unique event held in Zug, the heart of Switzerland’s Crypto Valley. This is the place where Ethereum was born. And this is the place where blockchain and crypto are king. The 2017 edition of the CV Summit attracted over 1'000 attendees, both live at the Theater Casino and online. The CV Summit has only grown since.

22 Nov 2017

Blockchain Summit 2017
26 Apr 2018

Blockchain Summit 2018 - Corporates Vs. Startups
07 Nov 2018
CV Summit - Crypto Valley Finance
27 Mar 2019
CV Summit - Crypto Valley
Charles Hoskinson

Cardano & IOHK, Ethereum

Niklas Nikolajsen

Founder and Chairman, Bitcoin Suisse AG

John Watkinson


Hester Peirce

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commissioner

Henri Arslanian

Global Crypto Leader, Asia Fintech Leader & Partner - PwC

Ryan Jesperson

President - Tezos Foundation

Johann Schneider-Amman

Former Swiss President and member of the Board of Directors of CV VC

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